Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Reclining at the Seder Meal.... Jewish Jesus and the Last Supper

When drinking the four cups of wine, and eating the matzot, the korech sandwich, and the afikoman, one is required to recline on a couch, an armchair, or on pillows. This is how royalty and nobility used to eat and on this night the people of Israel are entitled to conduct themselves like royalty. Maimonides writes: One is required to see himself as if he had just now left Egyptian slavery. Hence, when a person eats on this night, he is required to eat and drink while reclining, as a sign of freedom.

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  1. Women and men would be separated...Yeshua said if you even gaze at a women with lust you commit adultery. There is no way in hell a Rabbi that stringent would permit Men and Women to be laying next to each other like this on Passover.